Seattle Sex Offense Lawyer

Have you been arrested or charged with a sex crime? Your legal solutions start here.

Seattle criminal defense attorney Jan Olson can bring years of experience to your aid, and help you navigate the intimidating and complex criminal justice system. It is essential to have an experienced attorney help you through what may be the most stressful and serious time in your life. Exercise your right to remain silent and speak to an attorney now.

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    What sex crime allegations are you facing?

    Defending criminal cases is complex and establishing a solid, effective line of defense can be challenging. With over 42 years experience practicing law in the Seattle area at Ellis, Li and McKinstry, PLLC, Jan Olson is highly skilled in defending charges of: 

    • Sexual assault;
    • Sexual battery;
    • Luring;
    • Rape;
    • Statutory rape;
    • Child molestation;
    • Child pornography;
    • Indecent exposure; and
    • Prostitution and solicitation. 

    Using his decades of experience in Seattle, Washington, Jan Olson will fully examine evidence, police reports, witness statements, mitigating factors, and anything else that may be relevant to your case. His knowledge of prosecutors, local judges, mental health professionals, and social service organizations also means he can better inform you of what to expect during your legal process. 

    Fighting For Your Future

    Jan Olson understands how devastating these accusations can be and that many of those accused are automatically convicted in the court of public opinion. He has handled hundreds of sex crime cases covering every situation, including child molestation, indecent exposure, solicitation of a minor, prostitution, being falsely accused of rape, underage sexting, distribution of child pornography, and teenage sex crimes. Whatever you are charged with, Jan has the knowledge to fight for you and get your life pointed in the right direction.