More Fall-Out from Juniper Florida Prostitution Sting

undercover prostitution sting in Juniper Florida

The co-founder of a private equity firm in Boston has been forced into “retirement” after being charged in undercover prostitution sting. John Childs, age 77, was busted in the same sting as NFL Patriots owner Robert Kraft. Mr. Childs also resigned from the board of a food service sales company held by the equity firm.

Mr. Childs lives part time in Indian River Shores, FL, close to the Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Juniper, FL. A misdemeanor warrant for his arrest has not been executed. Mr. Childs denied the prostitution allegation through his lawyer.

The company Mr. Childs founded has invested over $3.5 billion in 50 different consumer product companies. His net worth is reported to be over a billion dollars. He joins Robert Kraft and former Citigroup President and COO John Harvens as persons of note who are charged in the prostitution sting. The latest information from a police spokesperson is that 165 individuals are on video for various sex acts, including Mr. Childs.

There is a certain delight when someone who is not a commoner has a fall from grace such as the men mentioned above. What’s noteworthy is the amount of law enforcement resources devoted to their downfall.  The undercover “Orchid” sting went on for six months. With that amount of attention and cost, individuals caught in the sting can expect their case will eventually be given serious attention. However, to avoid overwhelming local courts, prosecutors may not charge all the cases at one time. Currently only 26 cases are formally filed. An attorney representing some of these 26 defendants has filed a motion to suppress the video evidence, claiming the surveillance footage was illegally obtained.

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